Positive scenarios of using your reserve fund

We have already discussed a number of negative situations in which you will be willing to rely on your reserve fund. Actually, for the majority of people it is a way easier to imagine such unpleasant conditions under which they have to reach out for the money held in their reserve fund.

Yet, in reality there are a way more cases when this money is needed and there are many positive situations when you will be glad to have some financial support. It is important to remember about the as well and let your money work for you when it is needed.

Getting an attractive job offer

It is absolutely obvious that you will need your reserve fund for the period of unemployment. Yet, sometimes life can give you a different surprise when you will be glad you have some savings.

For instance, your current job is financially rewarding but you have always dreamed of doing something different. Yet, there has been no such opportunity.

Out of a sudden you come across your dream job and you are certainly willing to use this unique chance, however, the initial salary offered to you is smaller than what you are earning right now. If you feel there are real perspectives for you, it can be sensible to change your job even though at the beginning you will not be able to earn as much as you wish.

This is exactly the moment when you will be able to make a smooth transition with the help of your reserve fund.

Starting your own business

It might also happen that you see some possibilities on the market or will be willing to monetise your hobby. The most logical path for you is starting your own business, however, this requires some funds. it is crucial to understand you will need not only some money for investment but also some finances for a reserve fund. That is so since at the beginning your income might not be thus high as you might expect.

Switching to freelance working

While in all likelihood, you will not have to make any large investments while becoming a freelancer, you will definitely need your savings. Just like it is in the case of starting your own business, it might be rather difficult at the very beginning to ear sufficient sums of money.

It will be great for you to prepare yourself like that otherwise you will have to resign from your dream of being your own boss.


Pregnancy and labour result in a new member of a family which is undeniably an amazing moment in the lives of many people. Yet, form the point of view of financial stability, this might be a challenging time as it requires more investment and does not allow parents to work thus much as they used to.

For that reason, it will be of a great help to hold your reserve fund.

Moving out to another place

There might be various scenarios when you have to move out somewhere. In some countries people renting places for accommodation are not safe as the regulations are not developed enough to provide such individuals with necessary protection.

Unfortunately, a flat or house owner in those places can easily tell its tenant to move out which will require some finances to handle.

There are also many cases when people have to move out to another city or even country which can be particularly costly. It can be so disappointing if you find a job of your dream in the country of your dream and you will not have enough money to pay for relocation.