lessen investment risks

How to Lessen Investment Risks

If you want to earn from investing, you have to figure out how to lessen investment risks, so you do not lose your money. Before making any substantial financial move, you must continually assess the risks first.
Almost every investment is exposed to different kinds of risks, and one of the main mistakes you can commit as an investor is to ignore them. In today’s article, we will be sharing with you five ways to lessen investment risks.

Five ways to lessen investment risks

Properly handle your asset allocation.

The first thing you must do to lessen investment risks is to handle your asset allocation properly. While this mainly depends on equity, it depends on other personal factors such as risk tolerance, age, financial goals, and savings.
In simple terms, asset allocation depends not only on your financial standing but also on your situation. You can see this for financial advisors when they give different sets of advice for 25 and 50-year olds. Their advice will also differ if the individual is single or married.

Diversify your investments

The next thing you can do to lessen investment risks is diversify your investment portfolio across various product types. For instance, you can invest 20% in stock A, 20% in stock B, 20% in insurance, and 40% in real estate properties. If products A and B fall, you still have products C and D to help you keep steady because your loss is limited, and your entire financial situation will not collapse.
Diversification can help smoothen out your expected returns. However, investing your money into so many assets may result in over-diversification, so make sure to plan things out first.

Monitor your investments regularly

Your strategy last year may not work the same this year, so make sure to constantly monitor and keep an eye on your investments. If you fail to do so, the investment risk in your portfolio might surge.
It is the reason why you should constantly evaluate your investments on a timely basis to lessen the risks you have to take and so you can make the necessary adjustments needed.

Identify your risk tolerance capacity.

Do not merely copy another investor’s capacity – identify your risk tolerance and weigh your capabilities. Consider your income, age, dependents, and the reason why you got into investing.
Do not go beyond the risks you can take to ensure that your money is safeguarded and that you are not chasing returns blindly.

Maintain adequate liquidity

Last but not least on our list of ways to lessen investment risks is to maintain sufficient liquidity. Keep your expenses for 3-12 months in liquid assets or those that are easily accessible.
Do not invest all of your money, and remember that there will always be a down cycle. When this happens, you would want to have a cushion of liquid assets that are readily accessible at any time.


Risks are inevitable, but there are various ways to lessen investment risks for an investor like you. Just make sure that you will only be investing the money you can do without, and do not throw all of your life savings into an investment asset.