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Investment Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners Like You

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you have to know the investment mistakes to avoid to ensure that your money will grow securely. However, some people tend to rush into their investing journey and overlook the warning signs.
Wanting to grow your money quickly will not be feasible if you lose it because you rush to get started. Here are some investment mistakes to avoid and look out for before finding a company and putting in all of your money.

Investment mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Failure to study the investment

The first on our list of investment mistakes to avoid is failing to study your investment. Warren Buffet cautions people to be careful in investing their money into companies whose business models tend to be quite confusing.
Before investing in mutual funds, stocks, cryptocurrency, property, or any other venture, make sure you understand the company 100%.

Forgetting their relationship with a company

The next on our list of investment mistakes to avoid is forgetting your relationship with a company. Remember that you bought mutual funds or stocks as an investment, and you must view it nothing more.
Some people fall in love with the company they invested their money in. So, when the time comes to start selling their stocks to avoid losses, they have a hard time letting go. They cling to the hope that the company can continue to thrive even though the evidence says otherwise, and this, of course, causes their downfall.

Being impatient

A slow and steady approach will surely yield you greater returns in the long run when compared to wanting to rush things out. When investing, make sure to keep your expectations realistic and understand that investment is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Too Much Investment Turnover

Jumping in and out of position or a “turnover” is a return killer. Institutional investors tend to do this (with the benefit of low commissions), but if you aren’t one, then the transaction costs would surely dig deep into your pockets.

Trying to Time the Market

Aside from jumping in and out of position, timing the market also kills returns. You have to understand that timing the market is complex, and sometimes, even those who have years of experience fail to do it successfully. You have to remember that your portfolio’s returns can be determined and explained by the asset allocations you make and not by trying to time the market.

Getting even

Getting even means waiting to sell a loser (or a stock that has gone below its original cost) until it gets back to its actual purchase price or value in the market. You have to be tough and act immediately when selling a loser. Otherwise, its value may continue to drop until it becomes worthless.

Letting Your Emotions Best You

Last on our list of investment mistakes to avoid is letting your emotions rule your decisions. Remember: the number one killer of investment is your emotion, and the hypothesis that fear and greed lead the market is trustworthy. Always focus on the bigger picture and never let these two emotions rule you.


These are only some of the investment mistakes to avoid, especially for beginners. Remember that you need a concrete action plan and a clear and focused mind to make your investments work.